Oh mother! ... Jennifer Lawrence film receives F CinemaScore

Jennifer Lawrence reveals she's taking a two-year break from acting – to take up pottery

J.Law's Cinderella moment

News the actress, who just announced that she stopped shooting for the next two years, confesses that she is definitely not ready to become a mom.

Despite her quirky charms, down-to-earth personality that's often been described as "relatable", and dramatic acting chops that have earned her dazzling awards, Jennifer Lawrence failed to win over CinemaScore audiences in the mind-twisty new movie mother!

She was recently by E! if she's had urges to having kids and her reply indicated she had no such plans. They are actually getting less and less as I get older, which is starting to worry me. I I'm not sure it's supposed to happen that way.

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Seems like American actress Jennifer Lawrence is in no hurry to be a "mommy".

But the other night I couldn't find a straight-to-video flick on Netflix that looked interesting, so I made the fateful, or should I say fatal, decision to watch Mother! on a popular torrent site.

Jen is dating Mother! director Darren Aranofsky and was previously in a relationship with actor Nicholas Hoult also admitted that there was a time when her fame left her "angry and resentful". At first it was very stifling and I wondered, "Is this really what I'm going to do for the rest of my life?" A statement that allows you to better understand his sudden desire to take a step back.

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