Kim hits back at Trump as United States ramps up North Korea sanctions

Kim Jong-un

GETTY DANGEROUS Kim's nuclear tests are dragging the world towards war

TENS of thousands of North Koreans have taken to the streets to praise Kim Jong-un's chilling vow to "tame" US President Donald Trump "with fire".

Testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific would represent a new kind of North Korean provocation, one unlike anything the world has seen before.

"Our new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund North Korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind", Trump said.

Speaking to the Washington Post, Hawaii state representative Gene Ward said: "Now it's time to take it seriously".

Isolated and impoverished, the North says it needs a nuclear deterrent to protect it from an aggressive USA and the autocratic regime has made militarism a central part of its national ideology.

"The Secretary-General expressed concern over the tensions on the Korean Peninsula and appealed for de-escalation and full implementation of relevant Security Council resolutions", a statement from a United Nations spokesperson said. Since the election of the new South Korean President Moon Jae-in in May, who strongly advocated dialogue with the North, Kim has launched 10 missile tests, including a hydrogen bomb.

A handful of North Korea analysts believe Kim's response - the first time he has ever released a first-person statement - could show how personally the young leader took Trump's speech. He announced the measures as he met leaders from South Korea and Japan, the nations most immediately imperiled by North Korea's threats of a military strike. Guterres also underscored the need for a political solution to the situation.

"Pulling the U.S. out of the deal would not only erode the credibility of the U.S. It would also deal a heavy blow to the global nuclear non-proliferation drive, and set a bad precedent that would surely hamper the ongoing multinational efforts at finding a peaceful solution to the Korean Peninsula nuclear deadlock through negotiations", said China Daily.

Thursday, Kim struck back, verbally, in a statement calling Trump a "dotard", "deranged", a "rogue and a gangster", suggesting he is behaving like a "frightened dog", and promising to punish him with fire.

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North Korea has been working on developing missiles that can reach the United States and its allies and pair them with a miniaturized nuclear warheads.

Tillerson won't say what the USA response would be if Kim's government tested a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

Where are the world's nuclear weapons?

But South Korean media said it was unprecedented for Kim to make such a direct address to the world.

Pyongyang has resisted worldwide pressure, conducting its sixth and largest nuclear test on September 3, and launching numerous missiles this year, including two intercontinental ballistic missiles and two other rockets that flew over Japan. The latest test was followed by a second magnitude 4.1 quake that experts said could have been caused by landslides or a tunnel collapsing after the explosion. At the end of the day he is the commander-in-chief of USA forces, and his speech to the United Nations indicates that he is being driven by a sense of ensuring "good" triumphs over "evil", and if that means the annihilation of an entire country if diplomacy fails, then so be it.

The Korea Meteorological Administration also cited the possibility that the seismic activity Saturday occurred because of the geological stress from the nuclear test. For the past decade military planners have been touting a "boost-phase" intercept, which could destroy North Korean missiles in the first several minutes after launch.

They were responding Friday to reports that North Korea's foreign minister had said his country might conduct such a test.

But in fact the fleet was actually 3,000 miles away from the Korean peninsula.

"We can not deny the possibility it may fly over our country", Onodera said Thursday.

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