IKEA Debuts New iPhone 8/iPhone X Wireless Charging Lamp Called RIGGAD

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Apple's new ad gives 8 reasons to love iPhone 8

Sales could also be impacted by a lack of promotion for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus on the part of operators and the fact the devices respectively cost $50 and $30 more than predecessors iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Early channel checks indicate that iPhone 8 pre-orders are "substantially lower" than iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 levels, according to Rosenblatt Securities analyst Jun Zhang. Also, iPhone 8 packs a smaller 1822mAh battery compared to 1960mAh placed in iPhone 7.

And that's exactly what Austin Mann did after going around the state of Rajasthan in India and taking hundreds of pictures with his pre-production iPhone 8 Plus and describing it all in his blog post.

The Note 8 survived the face drop better in terms of cracks, yet it was completely out of commission afterwards, while the iPhone still worked. Notably, since the new iPhones come with glass backs, iFixit had to work a little harder to remove the glass layer, which seems to be a down side as far as repairability is concerned.

The Travel Ban Is About To Expire. Here's Trump's New Plan
The revised order was also challenged by several federal judges and set for an argument at the Supreme Court on October 10. This is the third revision of the Executive Order that bans travel to the USA from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

With a full weekend of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus sales now over, leading mobile engagement platform Localytics took a look at the data it has been collecting and found that Apple's new handsets are off to a slow start.

If you're into wireless charging and already have a phone that is capable of it, there are a variety of wireless charging options available via Amazon right now - and some of them are ridiculously cheap. The three new iPhone announced by Apple are the first by the company to support wireless charging.

Those who want a complete breakdown of the iPhone 8 can head over to iFixit's website.

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