Hillary Clinton: Democrats Will Still Face a 'Very Difficult Media Environment'

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Clinton's tome about the election came out September 12, and was an instant bestseller.

She added, "I believe that Trump admires authoritarians". Clinton pronounced that the day Comey sent a letter to Congress expressing the reopening part of his consideration into Clinton's email was the day she lost the elections.

Clinton attempts to answer this question in a candid account of an election campaign that was marked by sexism, kooky theatrics, Russian interference and "a maddening inattention to serious issues".

Other than The New York Times-which actually did some good reporting on the issue-most media outlets wrote or spoke about the emails in a subtly biased, nearly dismissive way that made it seem like the message was coming straight from Clinton campaign headquarters. She's now penned 500 pages looking for reasons why she lost.

"If you didn't like that book, try this one - some good lessons in here about working together to solve problems", she tweeted.

Clinton letting some Trump voters off the hook, while pointing at Comey: "The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said she may go to jail".

"So, no absolution, she continued".

Visitor logs at Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort remain a mystery
The Department of Homeland Security agreed this summer to hand over records related to the property's visitors in September. In July, a federal judge in Manhattan ordered that the records for Mar-a-Lago be turned over.

A second complaint is the hyperventilating coverage mainstream outlets gave to Mrs Clinton's use of a private e-mail server while secretary of state.

With the release of Hillary Clinton's post-election memoir, "What Happened", people are regurgitating, reliving and relitigating the 2016 presidential election.

"Behold: Hillary Rodham Clinton".

Those electors are assigned based on the popular vote of each state.

This time he blasted Clinton for the amount of money she spent on her campaign.

She added it "made her sick" to hear Comey telling Congress he became "mildly nauseous" to know his October 28 letter could have made a material impact on the November 8 election.

Here are 18 things Clinton said to Anderson Cooper in her CNN sit-down.

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