Critics say sign language interpreter sent mixed message during Irma

Manatee County yet to decide storm debris collection

An On-Air Interpreter Has Been Accused Of Signing Gibberish During Hurricane Irma

"It was horribly unnerving for me".

County leaders told WFLA that they were, "in a pinch", and needed an interpreter for the deaf. But because he has a deaf brother, either Greene - or some county official - believed that that was a strong enough credential to stick him next to a podium and task him with keeping the area's deaf community abreast of the devastating storm's movements, and what they should be doing to protect themselves.

When Greene was on camera signing the wrong words, Charlene McCarthy, who owns a company called VisCom that provides interpreters for the county, told WFLA, "I know something went horribly wrong".

She was shocked when she saw the press conference on television.

BuzzFeed News reviewed videos of the county's subsequent briefings, and found that they did not include an interpreter.

The press conference turned out to be an insult and a disaster, according to members of the deaf community.

He added that Mr Greene was making obvious mistakes when interpreting, such as wearing a bright yellow top rather than black which would have made his hands more visible.

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"Everybody was talking about it on social media", he told the WFLA news channel.

He feels like this was a slap in the face, especially since he used to work in Manatee County for many years. "I was totally shocked", said Chris Wagner, who is a former president of the National Association of the Deaf.

We spoke with the interpreter's family Tuesday night. The interpreter's family said he was asked by his bosses to step in and help during a crucial time.

"He can't expect to communicate something he doesn't know", Greene's father told the station.

A sign language interpreter in Florida has been accused of using gibberish words and phrases during an emergency briefing on Hurricane Irma.

Members of the local deaf community have demanded an apology from Manatee County, saying the error was unsafe and put lives at risk.

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