Competition heats up among virtual assistants, as Bixby comes to India

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'Never mind' if you break your mobile phone's display

The company noted that Bixby Voice can be used in US English in India and that they have worked to optimize Bixby Voice to understand Indian accents. This offer is valid for only Samsung Galaxy smartphones and some tablets.

Replacing your broken smartphone screen is always a big headache, and more than that, it means a big hole in your pocket.

The firm has a market share of more than 60 % in the premium mobile market of Rs. 30,000 and above while it is up to 43% in overall smart phones share in the country while clocking a double digit growth, he claimed.

Bixby is Samsung's own digital assistant, taking on the likes of Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana. While Google Assistant can also be used to perform tasks like opening an app, its support for performing tasks within an app is quite rudimentary when compared to Samsung Bixby.

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Samsung India Offers Screen Replacements For Rs 990

According to Samsung, Bixby understands the way we speak, ask questions and make requests. But wait, it doesn't seem to be so, anymore, for select Samsung smartphones.

The Bixby voice capabilities for the Indian consumers were developed at Samsung Research & Development Institute, Bengaluru (SRI-B) - Samsung's largest R&D facility outside South Korea.

Bixby has Quick commands where users can create a custom voice command to use in place of a long sequence of one or more commands. For example, if you take a photo and then tell Bixby to "send the picture just taken to Mom", Bixby understand cross-application commands and will know which photo you are referring to and will text it to your mom.

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