Climate change another fact to conveniently ignore

EPA chief on Irma: The time to talk climate change isn't now

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Climate change, worsened by burning fossil fuels, is warming oceans.

Q: What is fact/fiction in terms of climate change making storms worse? However, in many cases it was not necessarily major storms that caught our attention, for in 2012 it was Sandy that struck New Jersey and NY causing such damage and alerting people to the likelihood of landfall of a major hurricane striking a large coastal city, such as Miami.

Question: Was Irma a record-setting hurricane? Do these events prove our climate is changing? Neither will his boss. In June, President Trump, who before he was elected called global warming a "Chinese hoax", announced that the USA would pull out of the Paris global climate change agreement. It will be long road to recovery for Texas, Louisiana, Florida, the Virgin Islands, St. Martin, and other locations devastated by the storms. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said in a September 7 CNN interview that it was "insensitive" to focus on the cause and effect of the hurricanes in lieu of the recovery efforts to help the impacted communities. He made a similar statement about Harvey's victims. The planet is getting warmer, but most people don't see the impact this has on their daily lives.

While climate change is a polarizing topic, there is greater agreement on clean energy, according to Charles Hernick, policy and advocacy director at the conservative-leaning advocacy group Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions. References to it have been removed from government websites. Climate change is like gasoline poured on Mother Nature's fire. New projects are not being funded. But it's hard to think of many that are a bigger threat to public health and well-being than the continued rampage of climate change.

The Trump administration should at least be insisting that coastal communities in Texas and Florida be rebuilt taking climate change into account. "But I can tell you for a fact, that in my city, we have a problem". "I wish that he would have been here when people ran from high-rises", Miami's mayor, Tomás Regalado, said of Pruitt. But, friends, this is not a matter of religious-like belief. While other weather factors do contribute to temperature variations, he ignores the fact that overall temperatures in both the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean are rising at a steady rate, and are closely correlated to rising concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Climate change, for many people, is a vague concept.

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The Sunday morning news shows, which still help determine the narrative for the Capital, failed to mention the clear connection between these more powerful storms and climate change. Deniers say the increasing destruction caused by natural events is just cyclical, not a permanent condition. Other environmental activists went as far as to say that the two natural disasters are reason to finally jail officials who "reject science". The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration collects detailed data on the frequency and severity of different kinds of extreme weather, from 122 Weather Forecasting Offices nationwide. Yes, hurricanes happen annually.

"Health care spending could be affected by changes in climate including air quality, vector-borne diseases, and temperature-related deaths", Fowles said. Floods are worse; droughts are worse.

The global warming activists must know that because when Donald Trump joked about a lack of warming on a snowy day, they lectured us about how "weather is not climate - one snowstorm is irrelevant to long-term climate".

"The thing that keeps forecasters up at night is the prospect that a storm will rapidly gain strength just before it hits land", Emanuel said, citing Harvey as an example.

"No individual meteorological event is attributable exclusively to shifting climate, but human adjustment of the atmosphere is having a major role in causing more costly and more frequent extreme weather events", said Jeffrey S. Kargel, Ph.D., a professor from the University of Arizona's Department of Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences. In Pruitt's world, which is also Trump's, choosing which hoaxes to believe in is business as usual and good for business.

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