US President Trump's Approval Rating Drops Sharply

Poll Declining approval for Trump at 200 days

US President Trump's Approval Rating Drops Sharply

A CNN poll released Monday shows Trump's approval rating is 38 percent.

But the rest of the nation appears to have turned heavily against Donald Trump just six months into his Presidency and they are no longer buying what the billionaire Republican is selling.

The poll also asked contributors about whether they think the White House tells the truth. This is broken down further by indicators that only 24% of people strongly approve of Trump, 14% moderately approve, 9% moderately disapprove, and a whopping 47% strongly disapprove.

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Three-quarters of Americans say they can't trust most of what they hear from the White House, while 30% of respondents said they trust nothing the White House says. His strong approval from whites without college degrees - one of his core demographics - is 35%, which is 12 points down from February.

Trump's overall disapproval stands at 56%, and support from his biggest bases has been plummeting. ".trump.200.days.v2.pdf" target="_blank">poll suggests people hold an increasingly negative view of Donald Trump's presidency. The majority of those who support Trump are Republicans, while most of his critics are supporters of the Democratic Party. Almost half in the new poll say they strongly disapprove of Trump's handling of the job (47%), while just a quarter say they feel strongly positive about Trump's performance (24%).

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