Star Wars Obi-Wan spinoff in the works


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British actor Ewan McGregor, who portrayed the character in the Star Wars prequel trilogy had previously met with Lucasfilm, possibly about the role of which he is keen to reprise, but was unable (likely contractually prohibited, aka non-disclosure agreement) to elaborate on the topic of discussion at said meeting (see video below).

It is unclear if the Obi-Wan story will be the next stand alone story to be released - Disney is now finishing up an untitled Han Solo stand alone film, set to be released in 2018. Rogue One ended up cracking $1 billion at the global box office, but not without months of reports about the troubled production and a significant creative overhaul in which veteran filmmaker Tony Gilroy played a key role.

Daldry is a Tony Award-winning English director and producer.

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He is also up for an Emmy this year for the Netflix show The Crown, which Daldry produced and directed. If anything, Daldry could potentially help attract even more major talents to become part of Star Wars who might otherwise be reticent to join the franchise.

There's a good reason for Lucasfilm to wait until after Episode IX to explore Obi-Wan's backstory and his time in the Tatooine desert before we meet Alec Guinness' portrayal in the first movie: They're still figuring out how he connects to the new saga, which started with The Force Awakens. Can Star Wars ever not be about the Force? If you're a Star Wars fan then you're in the right age. From a creative standpoint, what can a Kenobi film meaningfully offer audiences that six other movies (let alone two animated TV series) haven't already? That theory seems more plausible now in light of the timing of this news just months away from Last Jedi's release. "I'd very much like to do one", he said before outlining when the film could take place. Kenobi would then go on to train Skywalker's son Luke before falling to Vader in "Star Wars: A New Hope".

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie is still in its early stages of development and is without a script.

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