Sinead O'Connor says she's 'suicidal' in Facebook video

O'Connor said she was living out of this Travelodge motel in Hackensack New Jersey

O'Connor said she was living out of this Travelodge motel in Hackensack New Jersey

Singer Annie Lennox on Tuesday said she was "concerned for the safety" of fellow performer Sinead O'Connor after she posted a tearful video in which she said she was " stay alive". "I'm all by myself", she said.

The Irish songstress began the 12-minute video, which she shared on Facebook, by saying: "I hope that this video is somehow helpful". "Mental illness doesn't care who you are but worse, stigma doesn't f**king care who you are and it's stigma that is killing people, it's not the mental illness".

"Suddenly, all the people who are supposed to be loving you or taking care of you treat you like s-", she said. And then when you're's like a witch hunt they're pointing at you going, 'See? See? She also encourages her fans to go and reach out to mentally ill people in their communities lend a hand.

One wrote: "Dearest Sinead I just want to wrap my arms around you so you feel secure, cry with you because the pain needs to be released, laugh with you as laughter is so healing, to listen".

Her psychiatrist, she said, says she's his hero and that's what's keeping her alive right now.

"I'm a 5ft 4in little f****** woman wandering the world for two years by myself".

In her recent video, she said she hoped that opening up about her mental health problems would help others in similarly vulnerable positions.

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The footage immediately sparked fear among her fans. 'I wake up and tentatively log onto Facebook because of my worry for you'.

Making reference to her mum Marie, who died in a auto accident in 1985, the singer admitted: "If it was just me, I'd be gone".

She said she was living there and that she suffered from three mental illnesses. In June 2016, TMZ reported the singer had threatened to jump off a bridge in Chicago.

O'Connor sparked a police search in May past year when she failed to return from a bike ride in suburban Chicago.

Sinead was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2011 but doctors later found she was struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the star has openly spoken about her diagnosis since.

O'Connor, who is a mother to four children from different relationships, took to Facebook in 2015 to say she had taken an overdose at a hotel somewhere in Ireland.

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