Nissan video hints at sexy shape of new Leaf

2018 Nissan Leaf advanced aero previewed in latest pic

A revolutionary new generation in store for the queen of electric cars

Battery packs and motors aren't the only things responsible for increasing an EVs range.

Recently, Nissan talked about aerodynamics in relation to its upcoming LEAF.

Nissan continues to tease the arrival of its next-generation LEAF hatchback with a fresh preview image indicating the sharper and more radical shape and design of the electric family vehicle.

From the Leaf filmed in Norway, it appears that the earlier car's distinctive shape and lines have been supplanted by a more conventional design that uses current Nissan styling cues.

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While Tesla 3 is getting all hype in the electric vehicle realm, a quieter technology innovation from Nissan - the e-Pedal on the new 2018 all electric LEAF - may more fundamentally move the mass market towards electric cars. According to Nissan, the new Leaf is also lower than the previous model to reduce lift and make the auto more stable. For starters, Nissan has confirmed that the auto will have an "e-Pedal" system that will let drivers use only one pedal to drive the vehicle in many circumstances. "In heavy traffic and during city commutes, drivers will greatly reduce the need to shift from one pedal to the other, making your drive simpler and more engaging". I'm talking about aerodynamics: A car's ability to slice through the air. The new Leaf looks much like a larger version of the new Nissan March, which is a cool-looking B-segment hatchback.

Finally, at least one spy video showed a reading of 265 kilometers - that's 165 miles - of driving range.

The next-generation Nissan LEAF is clearly one of the most anticipated electric cars of the year, perhaps of the next couple of years.

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