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The entire world was shocked when HBO Spain aired the Game of Thrones season 7 episode 6 accidentally, nearly a week before its release date. The last episode will be its longest yet at 81 minutes.

It might seem a little too flawless, until we take a closer look. Drogon was also the dragon who flew Daenerys to the hill top, close to where she was later surrounded by the Dothraki Khalasar.

In an interview with Deadline, "Beyond the Wall" director Alan Taylor, who has directed episodes of Game of Thrones since the first season, said nobody should be surprised that Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen seem likely to get together.

As armies descend upon King's Landing, all sides prepare for anything they may be walking into.

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Consisting of just six episodes, the final season of Game of Thrones is the shortest to date. Our heart beats absolutely dropped when the Night King held his ice javelin to bring down the dragon, but we nearly lost them when we saw Viserion open his eyes again, but with Night King's kiss, as an ice dragon. While this leads to excellent sequences with dragons, White Walkers, Children of the Forest, and so much more, it has begun to sacrifice its realism.

"It's a heartbreak", Clarke, 30, told Entertainment Weekly of the devastating death that made the Mother of Dragons vow vengeance against the undead. You could suspend disbelief for some of these season 6 super-speed journeys, but it's basically become teleportation in season 7. And the pain will only continue, because you know Daenerys is going to see it.

Let's Just Call This a Correction Instead of an Update, Then, Aug. 21, 2017: This article originally misstated that there were some very fine people in the Night King's army.

Coming to Winterfell, we saw the Sansa- Arya relationship tumbling yet again, and can only wonder if the Stark sisters will be able to see through littlefinger's lies. "I remember when I was doing Season 1 and we were on location in Malta, and George R.R. Martin came to visit".

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