Storm to the rescue! Heartwarming video shows dog save drowning fawn

Storm the dog rescues baby deer

Storm the dog rescues baby deer

When a baby deer was drowning in the Long Island Sound Sunday, a dog named Storm jumped into action. In the video, we see Storm fighting against the current as he pulls in a motionless spotted fawn to shore.

But the ordeal wasn't over yet.

As Freeley called animal experts to retrieve the fawn, the young deer became spooked and darted back into the water.

'Storm just plunged into the water and started swimming out to the fawn, grabbed it by the neck, and started swimming to shore, ' Freeley said to CBS News. That began rescue round two. After about eight minutes, Freeley and a member of Strong Island Rescue were able to once again save the deer.

The vet was able to get the fawn to her vehicle and is now being treated.

Frankie jumps in Long Island Sound to rescue baby deer for a second time
Frankie jumps in Long Island Sound to rescue baby deer for a second time

The dog lay the fawn down on the rocky area, licking and nudging the deer in attempts to revive it.

He credited the hard part to his partner Erica Kutzing.

"I think it was a great thing for its instincts to kick in, to go out there and rescue it", Floridia said of Storm.

"It was weak, covered in ticks, had an eye injury and some abrasions", he said.

She's being cared for at an animal rescue until she can be released, WCBS reported.

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