On the India-China stand-off

Sensitive spot The age-old friction between India and China over their 3,500km border magnifies the stakes making both sides apt to turn disagreements into disputes and disputes into conflicts. — AFP

Military standoff between China and India intensifies

India has repeatedly ignored China's calls for withdrawal of its troops that crossed the Sikkim Section of the border and entered the Chinese territory.

State-run China Central Television (CCTV) reported that the PLA conducted live-fire exercises in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

At least 158 Indian soldiers have been killed on Monday as China fired rockets across the border on Indian border installations. According to the CCTV report, the brigade which is stationed around the middle and lower reaches of the Brahmaputra (Yarlung Zangbo in Chinese) River, which flows into India and Bangladesh, also administers frontline combat missions. The "South China Morning Post" quoted an observer as saying that the show of strength was likely intended as a warning to India. India maintained that the boundary is yet to be settled and asked China "to desist from changing the status quo", referring to the road construction.

India and China claim sovereignty of two large and few smaller territories that are disputed between the two for the past decades.

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An India-China-Myanmar trilateral interaction will be an interesting topic in the future as it will be of "great geopolitical and economic significance" to the region, an article in the Chinese state media said on Sunday. An online video showed the People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers using anti-tank grenades and missiles against bunkers and howitzers for artillery coverage.

Separately, Tibet's mobile communication agency conducted a drill on 10 July in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, where members of the agency practiced setting up a temporary mobile network to secure communications in an emergency. He said that in recent years the Chinese military developed a number of lightweight weapons such as a wheeled infantry fighting vehicle and a new light tank to meet requirements of mountain operations. It has been noticed that Indian Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar recently made positive remarks in Singapore, saying, "India and China should not let differences become disputes".

The Indian Army is ready for a long haul in holding onto its position in the Dokalam area near the Bhutan tri-junction, notwithstanding China ratcheting up rhetoric against India demanding pulling back of its troops.

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