Irish mum recreates Beyonce shoot and the results are hilarious

With the flowers in her garden as her backdrop Kellaway draped a blanket over her shoulders donned a veil in her hair and balanced her twins on one leg

Beyoncé's releases first photo of twins

Irish mom Sharon Kellaway says Beyoncé's ornate photo revealing her twins to the world was "so unrealistic" that she had to take her own.

Introducing her twins Sir Carter and Rumi to the world, it was a magnificent photo of the trio that left us with heart palpitations!

Sharon Kellaway from Kilworth saw the picture and chose to have a go at something similar with her five-month-old twins, Senan and Zoe.

Kellaway said she wasn't expecting the photos to go viral, but since she shared them, they've been liked nearly 300 times.

The American superstar posted a picture of herself holding her son and daughter on Instagram yesterday, captioned: "Sir Carter and Rumi 1 month today".

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"It was just random ..."

A blanket, a wedding veil and a set of twins. I had what she had, so why not?

She shared the results on Facebook, writing: 'I wonder how many photos Beyoncé had to get through to get the right one. Thought my friends would get a giggle. didn't expect it to go this far!' The woman posted yet another post on Facebook and wrote, "My 6 year old took the photos ... no qualifications and still did a mighty job".

Kellaway said she used the twins' blanket and a veil that she found in her 6-year-old daughter's dress up box as props for the pictures.

"She will never know what it's like to have twins all day every day". But it went mad straightaway, I had people asking me to make the post public so they could share it.

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