Alexander lists Houston Rockets for sale on heels of Harden's mega deal

Former Warriors Guard Makes Bold Statement

Drew Shiller Former Warriors guard makes bold statement

We were all curious about what the special announcement at 2 PM on Monday was all about, and Houston Rockets president Ted Brown gave us an answer.

Houston Rockets owner Leslie Alexander is putting the franchise up for sale after 24 years of ownership.

Brown, for his part, expressed surprise over Alexander's decision to sell the team, but he clarified that the move wasn't health-related. "I've had the incredible opportunity to witness true greatness through the players and coaches who have won championships for the city, been named to All-Star and All-NBA teams, enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame, and done so much for our franchise and our fans".

The NBA has also spent time wooing and vetting potential ownership groups.

"I do think it's a grind and he's exhausted", Brown said. "It can wear on you after so many decades". Instead he said that he had other passions and was looking towards changing the "fabric of his life". "His family, certainly, and his philanthropic efforts, what he'll be able to do with his additional time and his resources on a global scale is something that he's very much looking forward to".

Leslie Alexander has done an excellent job of leading the Houston Rockets over the past 24 years, with two championships under his belt.

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Alexander has been thinking about selling the team for awhile and just made his decision on Monday.

Brown said he will work with the league office to facilitate things while the team looks for a new owner.

"He's one of the longest-tenured owners, one of the most successful and certainly one of the most influential", Brown said. Among the responses are former Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler, Gallery Furniture owner Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale, and Houston native Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, who once owned a stake in the Brooklyn Nets.

Most of the players, including Paul and Harden, were told about Alexander's decision before it was announced publicly.

"Recently, he's just been exhausted", Brown said.

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