Was gunman ready to head home before congressman's shooting?

California Congressman Moves to Impeach President Trump

Dem Congressman Drafts Article of Impeachment Against Trump for 'Obstruction of Justice'

A federal enforcement official who is not authorized to speak publicly told USA TODAY that the members' names were recovered from the the gunman.

James Hodgkinson opened fire at the Congressional baseball practice on Wednesday morning, shooting four people and critically wounding majority whip Steve Scalise.

Scalise was fielding ground balls at second base Wednesday when he was shot at a practice for the annual Republicans-Democrats baseball game.

The offices of Brooks and Franks said they had no comment, and referred questions to Capitol Police.

Asked about her husband's decision to leave for an extended period of time, Hodgkinson said that her daughter and two-year-old granddaughter had recently moved home.

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The FBI has contacted one of the men on the list to inform him that the shooting may have been part of a planned assassination attempt and not a random spontaneous act, the Daily Caller reported. He says Hodgkinson told him Trump screwed up the nation "more than anyone in the history of this country". He was also a volunterr for Sen.

His social media presence indicated he was strongly opposed to Republicans, including President Trump.

He spewed left-wing talking points on Facebook, consistently railing against Republicans and the wealthy. "I have never said 'life sucks, ' only the policies of the Republicans", he wrote in another. Hodgkinson was mortally wounded by police. She says she didn't know a lot about what her husband, 66-year-old James Hodgkinson, did between January and March because she was busy with her job at a tax firm.

Sue Hodgkinson said she felt "horrible", saying, "I had no idea this was going to happen and I don't know what to say about it". Bernie Sanders' campaign compelled the socialist senator to disavow the shooter the same day.

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