Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

Unclear when inmates will return to Georgia

Surrounded by law enforcement officers, Ricky Dubose and Donnie Rowe were handcuffed and lying face down on a residential driveway in Central Tennessee.

The capture put an end to a multistate manhunt that lasted almost 60 hours after the inmates escaped Tuesday morning in central Georgia.

They then attempted to steal a second vehicle from a home, but were held at gunpoint by this homeowner. It showed the two men tattooed and exhausted.

Dubose had been serving time after being convicted of financial identity fraud, credit card fraud, burglary by forced entry, theft by taking and entering a vehicle, aggravated assault, and armed robbery. They ultimately left the truck in Tennessee and stole a white sedan, which they abandoned near the hostages' home, Swing said.

There are no reports of any injuries to either officers or the inmates. "I have their blood on my shoes". (AP) - The escaped inmates wanted in the slayings of two Georgia prison guards have been captured in Rutherford County.

As word of the inmates' escape spread, photos of the two men emerged on social media.

Rowe and Dubose then crashed and fled on foot, Goodwin said.

The prisoners allegedly breached a protective gate on the bus to reach the officers at the front of the bus, before disarming and killing them both, the sheriff's office said. "This is a rock quarry-type place".

Wednesday, Georgia officials released a photo for a Ford F-250 truck that Dubose and Rowe were said to have stolen.

He says they must have mistaken his vehicle for a police cruiser, saying they look similar.

About 2:30 p.m. Thursday, Mr. Rowe and Mr. Dubose then invaded the home of an elderly couple, Sheriff Austin Swing of Bedford County said.

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"They wrestled with the man and got control of him and threatened both of them's lives", he said. "[They] tied the man up with a belt and put socks on his hands where he couldn't use his fingers".

After taking clothing and valuables, the men fled in the couple's vehicle. Sills said investigators were trying to determine how the killers got out of the inmate cage and into the driver's compartment. Speeds of up to 100 miles per hour were clocked by pursuing officers.

A Rutherford County homeowner captured two Georgia escapees after they ran onto his property. WGNS asked Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh when his deputies got involved.

A 10-mile pursuit began, during which shots were fired.

"We've been running pretty hard for the past three days", Madison County Sheriff's Capt. Jimmy Patton said Friday.

Within 15 minutes, the couple was able to break free and call police. He says Rowe and Dubose ran through several hundred yards of heavy forest and a creek before they were caught and held by a homeowner at gunpoint. Having lost their weapons in the crash, Dubose and Rowe surrendered, authorities said.

"We are relieved to know that these two risky individuals have been taken off the streets, and the public is out of harm's way", GDC Commissioner Greg Dozier added.

As of Thursday, authorities had not discussed any charges against the fugitives.

After their escape, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills described the prisoners as "dangerous beyond description" and said a day later that the search for them had been expanded nationwide.

Hours before their capture, Putnam County, Georgia, Sheriff Howard Sills said the public was in "grave danger" and that authorities did not know where the risky inmates were.

At 11 p.m. June 15 traffic on I-24 east was still moving at a snail's pace miles west of exit 89, as detectives processed multiple crimes scenes following the afternoon's pursuit and capture of Ricky Dubose and Donny Rowe, who allegedly murdered two Georgia Department of Corrections officers June 13.

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