U.S. moves on Chinese firm for laundering North Korean money

It says the US has asked a court to seize one-point-nine million dollars which it said was improperly moved through American financial institutions.

Yonhap also highlights passages in the North Korean statement that seem meant to rope China and Russian Federation into an alliance with Pyongyang against the cruel USA sanctions: "Business persons and firms of several countries including China and Russian Federation have already fallen victim to it and suffered huge losses in their economic activities and business management as they were unreasonably put on the sanctions list of the U.S".

Kounosu, CC BY-SA 3.0)Federal prosecutors said the United States has filed a complaint demanding US$ 1.9 million which "represents one of the largest seizures of North Korean funds by the Department of Justice".

The U.S. complaint Thursday comes as the administration of President Donald Trump tries to step up pressure on North Korea to give up nuclear weapons development. China strongly criticized the move, accusing the US of forcing its laws on other countries.

The statement included a long list of non-military-use items that it says have been impacted by the trade bans, including frozen chicken, diving flippers for a dolphin show and an array of sports equipment including skis, yachts, mountaineering boots, snowmobiles, snow groomers, billiard tables, archery equipment and sporting guns.

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North Korea's Foreign Ministry chose this moment to publish a tirade against worldwide sanctions, asserting its right to develop nuclear weapons and denouncing bans on exports of non-military items from sports equipment to frozen chicken.

The Security Council had already imposed six rounds of sanctions on North Korea. People who answered the phone at another company in Shenyang with a somewhat similar name, Mingchang Century Trading Ltd., hung up when asked about the US accusation.

Thursday's announcement said Mingzheng International Trading, based in the northeastern city of Shenyang, is accused of making transactions in October and November of 2015 on behalf of Foreign Trade Bank.

Tillerson has said North Korea will top the agenda on Wednesday and made it clear that Washington wanted more help from China in pressing Pyongyang to abandon its weapons programs, calling Chinese efforts so far "notable" but "uneven". "This branch is operated by a Chinese national who has historically been tied to the Foreign Trade Bank".

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