Trump tweets his frustration with Russia investigation

Top Trump ally New Gingrich warns that if false and/or compromising information continues to leak out of former FBI Director Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in 2016, the deputy attorney general might have to appoint a special counsel to investigate the current special counsel's investigation.

"The president is not under investigation by the special counsel", said Sekulow. Thomas' reporting confirms those interview will take place, though he cautions Mueller has not yet chose to conduct a full-scale investigation and describes this stage of this inquiry as "preliminary". "But with all due respect, the president said "I am being investigated" in a tweet and people take his word on that".

Sekulow said the tweet was only meant as a response to what he called a "fake report".

Sekulow added that he thinks Mr. Trump will address the issue of any alleged tape recordings of Mr. Trump's conversation with Comey "in the week ahead", saying the tapes were not "priority number one" amid Mr. Trump's announcement to roll back President Obama's Cuba policies and Wednesday's shooting in Alexandria, Virginia. The source said investigators have sought information from Richard Ledgett, who recently retired as deputy NSA director and, the source said, had written a memo documenting an attempt from Trump urging Rogers to tamp down on the FBI's Russian Federation investigation.

Appearing on a series of morning news programs, attorney Jay Sekulow said that a Friday tweet from Trump was specifically directed at a story in The Washington Post about the expanding probe into Russia's election meddling.

Trump confirms probe over Comey firing
These included House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Republican senators John Thune, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins. His wife, First Daughter Ivanka Trump, was also recently given the title "Assistant to the President", NBC reported.

U.S. President Donald Trump began his day with a stream of tweets defending his record and lashing out at the investigation into Russian interference in the election. "I can't imagine a scenario where the president would not be aware of it". "That's impossible. The president cannot be investigated, or certainly cannot be found liable for engaging in an activity he clearly has power to do under the constitution". The tweet in question was the last of four tweets Trump sent out about the investigation. And with the investigation reaching all the way up to Trump - and with Trump regularly tweeting about it - it's almost impossible for the White House to compartmentalize. Schiff cited the fact that the president at one meeting "cleared the room" of advisers and asked to speak to Comey alone. Trump advisers describe the president as increasingly angry over the investigation, yelling at television sets carrying coverage and insisting he is the target of a conspiracy.

"That signifies this president knew all too well that it was inappropriate", Schiff said. Angus King, an independent from ME, stressed that the probe will likely last for a long time. He added: "A lot of people have said, 'When do you think you'll be done?' Maybe the end of the year".

While aides have advised Trump to stay off Twitter, the president continued to weigh in on the widening legal investigations Sunday.

He spoke on ABC's "This Week".

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