Trump to announce plan to stop cash flow to Cuban military

Marco Rubio previews coming Donald Trump change in Cuba policy

Trump set to announce shift in US policy toward Cuba: Report

Reversing yet another policy move by Barack Obama, President Trump plans to re-institute restrictions on travel to Cuba and US business dealings with entities tied to the Cuban military and intelligence services, officials said Thursday.

Senior administration officials said in a media briefing Thursday afternoon that President Trump will ban people-to-people travel to Cuba for individual Americans.

But even as he curbs Obama's détente with Cuba, Trump will stop short of closing embassies or breaking off diplomatic relations restored in 2015 after more than five decades of hostility, United States officials said.

Among the conditions that would have to be met in order to further Trump administration negotiations are the holding of free and fair elections, as well as the freeing of political prisoners in Cuba, the administration officials said.

Pressing "pause" on a historic detente, President Donald Trump thrust the US and Cuba back on a path toward open hostility Friday with a blistering denunciation of the island's communist government.

However, diplomatic relations reestablished by Obama, including reopened embassies in Washington and Havana, will remain and travel and money sent by Cuban Americans will not be affected.

While tourism to Cuba is still technically banned by federal law, the Obama administration had made concessions to allow US citizens to travel to the island nation and spend money if their objective for traveling fell under one of 12 accepted reasons.

Coupled with the loose enforcement and self-reporting of Cuba travel, this policy was abused to enable unofficial tourism, the officials said.

"They know exactly what they're doing and what they're trying to do is stop travel to Cuba", said James Williams, president of a lobbying group that advocates for greater engagement with the island.

According to the Presidential Memorandum that will be announced on Friday-but has already been leaked to Reuters, among other news outlets-the us will not be entirely cutting itself off from Cuba once again, but will be tightening restrictions in keeping with campaign promises Trump made both to voters and to power brokers in the Republican party.

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A Morning Consult poll released by the group Engage Cuba earlier this week said that 65% of voters surveyed support Obama's Cuba policy, including 64% of Republicans.

Trump was making the announcement Friday at a Miami theater associated with Cuban exiles who oppose the island's leadership. Obama revived diplomatic relations with Cuba in an effort to ease a half-century of tensions that marked the Cold War, including the Cuban Missile Crisis.

But individual "people-to-people" trips by Americans to Cuba, allowed by Obama for the first time in decades, will again be prohibited.

Last year more than 600,000 Americans traveled to Cuba, about 74 percent more than the year before.

Ferral Rimer wonders why the US would distance itself from Cuba, when it does business with other nations that have questionable human rights records.

A tour bus of Transgaviota drives past the US embassy in Havana, Cuba June 13, 2017. As a Cuban-American, Sen.

Trump's changes, shared Thursday with the Miami Herald, are meant to sharply curtail cash flow to the Cuban government and pressure its communist leaders to let the island's fledgling private sector grow.

Trump believes many of Obama's efforts undermine US and Cuban economic interests, as well as national security.

MIAMI, Fla. (WKOW) - President Trump is expected to reveal his administration's new policy toward Cuba in a speech Friday.

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