Trump holds meeting with Tech CEOs regarding government challenges

The CEOs of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google's parent company Alphabet are joining more than a dozen other tech leaders at the White House for the first meeting of the American Technology Council. "If you don't show up, I think that's the worst scenario", Apple CEO Tim Cook told CNBC in May.

White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who is Trump's son-in-law, said before the opening of 10 four-hour small-group sessions that the administration wanted to "unleash the creativity of the private sector to provide citizen services in a way that has never happened before".

The methods already being considered for this objective by the administration include cutting government information technology costs, reducing government costs through improved IT services, leveraging government buying power, and reducing fraud across government agencies. In a statement the White House said that these withdrawals had not affected the meeting and it will still take place.

There are likely to be discussions also about the technology in other parts of government.

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The White House is hosting 18 high-profile technology executives on Monday for the first meeting of the American Technology Council. Its goal: "coordinate the vision, strategy, and direction" and "advice to the president related to policy decisions" regarding the federal government's use of information technology.

Musk, who had previously defended his decision to join the councils as taking a necessity seat at the table, was criticized on Twitter for going back on his word.

"Much like his predecessors in the White House, Trump and his team believe that Washington, D.C., has been too slow to adapt to the digital age", Tony Romm writes for Recode.

The group is expected to talk about reforming the H-1B visa program, modernizing the government's tech infrastructure and keeping its computers safe from cyber attacks. Cook has an open dialogue with Trump - he even called him to discourage him from withdrawing from the Paris climate accords. Kalanick is now taking an unspecified leave from the helm at Uber as the company looks to move past a tumultuous few months. "It's working and it's very exciting", he said.

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