Trump goes from regal to rustic this weekend at Camp David

President John F. Kennedy walks the grounds getting a tour from Dwight D. Eisenhower as the two discussed Cuba three months after Kennedy won the election

Trump to make first visit to Camp David

President Donald Trump is spending Father's Day weekend at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland. "Camp David is very rustic".

Trump wore an open-collar white shirt and waved as he walked across the White House grounds to the helicopter. First Lady Melania and Barron only just moved into the White House this month, after remaining in New York City while Barron finished out the school year. Instead, he went to Camp David. Aides said the delay was weather-related.

Trump has spent few weekends in Washington since he took office in January. It was reported that the reason he had been avoiding Camp David is because it is so secluded.

"You know how long you'd like it?" he asked the foreign press. "For about 30 minutes". The first family was accompanied by Melania's parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavs.

But Mr Walsh said President Trump might have a different view.

The post also noted it would update with additional information should more details become available.

The facility also includes tennis courts, a heated swimming pool and hot tub, a chapel, a bowling alley, a movie theater, and a single golf hole with multiple tees (something the golf-loving Trump should enjoy).

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Trump on Saturday became the 14th president to visit Camp David, which originally was a getaway for federal workers and their families.

The presidential retreat, located near the town of Thurmont, Maryland, covers more than 125 acres with about a dozen cabins.

Camp David has been a regular spot for nearly every President since Franklin D. Roosevelt - even if the head of state had his own preferred vacation spot - to host foreign leaders or escape Washington for a few nights.

Richard Nixon was a fan of getting away there, as was Ronald Reagan.

Camp David is best known for hosting secret Middle East talks that laid the groundwork for Israel and Egypt to sign a peace accord in 1979. George Bush, Sr.'s daughter was married there.

By this point in their presidencies, Barack Obama had visited four times, George W. Bush 11 times and Bill Clinton twice, according to CBS News' Mark Knoller, who tracks presidential travel. However, he did go there 39 times.

For Trump, Mar-a-Lago has been the preferred venue to entertain global leaders. He once hosted British Prime Minister Margaret Thacker there.

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