Trump confirms probe over Comey firing

The Justice Department's investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 election is looking at Kushner's multiple roles in the Trump administration, including the Trump campaign's 2016 data analytics operation; his relationship with former national security adviser Michael Flynn; and Kushner's own contacts with Russians, according to United States officials briefed on the probe.

Top Democrats warned Mr. Trump against a power grab on Friday. Trump said on Twitter, calling the probe into him a "Witch Hunt". Other team members have specialities that could point toward where Mueller is looking after taking over control of the investigation from the FBI: money laundering, financial fraud and Russian organised crime. These included House Speaker Paul Ryan, and Republican senators John Thune, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins.

Second, by "the man who told me to fire the FBI Director" Trump appears to be referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The Post, citing unnamed sources, said the investigation into the president's own conduct began shortly after Trump fired Comey on May 9.

Former FBI Director James Comey is sworn in during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, Thursday, June 8, 2017, in Washington.

Peter Carr, a spokesman for the Mueller team, declined to comment. He is planning to interview two top USA intelligence officials about whether Trump sought their help to get the Federal Bureau of Investigation to back off a related probe of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, according to three people familiar with the inquiry.

President Donald Trump seems to have acknowledged for the first time he is under investigation in the inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in the USA election. Russian officials have denied meddling in the USA election.

Comey said he believed Trump was trying to get him to drop an investigation of the president's former national security adviser, and that White House officials spread "lies, plain and simple" to cover up the reason for his dismissal.

Trump's tweets came after the top lawyer for his transition team warned the organization's officials to preserve all records and other materials related to the Russian Federation probe. Mr. Kushner previously volunteered to share with Congress what he knows about Russia-related matters. Coats and Rogers have testified that they were not pressured by the Trump administration. They tell us he can't stop talking about it and even TiVos morning news shows so he can watch them at night.

Trump dismisses obstruction of justice probe as 'phony story'
The Twitter attacks came as Vice-President Mike Pence hired a personal lawyer to represent him in the intensifying investigation. Comey said he typed notes describing the conversations because he was anxious Trump "might lie" later about them.

President Trump can not invoke executive privilege in relation to the Mueller investigation because it is being conducted by the Justice Department, an arm of the executive branch itself. And in the Justice Department, that is what we do on a daily basis, that is how are trained.

Right-wing media backers of Trump have been preparing the ground for Trump to fire Rosenstein, Mueller or both.

That could change in their talks with Mueller.

Kasowitz started off the attacks by decrying the "illegal" leaks.

"I appointed him. I stand by that decision", Rosenstein said. It's the phony justifications his administration gave for the firing, it's Trump's own belated confirmation that a major factor in the firing was the Russian Federation investigation, and it's the troubling pattern of Trump's attempts to interfere with investigations into his associates before the firing. His wife, First Daughter Ivanka Trump, was also recently given the title "Assistant to the President", NBC reported.

Rosenstein also has authority to fire Mueller, if he finds evidence of good cause.

Rosenstein took over the Russian Federation probe soon after Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself.

A person who spoke with Trump on Tuesday told the New York Times that the president was pleased by the intentional ambiguity of his position on firing Mueller.

US intelligence agencies concluded in a report issued in January that Russian Federation interfered in the presidential race to try to help Trump win, in part by hacking and releasing emails damaging to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. He also denied that he asked Comey to utter a loyalty pledge during a private Oval Office meeting before which he asked officials, including Sessions and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a top White House adviser, to leave the room.

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