This Tiny Dock Finally Makes The Nintendo Switch Truly Portable

The relationship of the RPG to the upcoming Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is now unknown but we expect that the RPG will have some functionality with the current handheld versions when it releases. Nintendo has clearly learned its lessons from the Wii U by scheduling a big game on the Switch nearly every single month until the end of the year, but imagine if all the developers making games for the 3DS were making Switch games instead? The 3DS is a huge success because its library of games has always played to the strengths of the system, the announcement of new games at E3 shows that trend is not going to end anytime soon. The new "Core" game being similar to the games released on the 3DS, Ultra Sun and Moon for example, would be understandable since we now know for sure that the 3DS and Switch can communicate with each other, making trading and other tasks possible. However, Nintendo has not confirmed anything related to a Pokemon Stars. The game also got critical acclaim, and was popular enough that we're getting the upgraded versions.

Kotaku: It'd be great to be able to download and play some GameCube games on my Switch, Reggie.

If you've been having trouble finding a Nintendo Switch, you might be in luck.

Speaking with IGN at the E3 2017, the Nintendo of America's president revealed that the company is considering bringing other Wii U titles to the Switch to let the development teams showcase their content to a wider base. "Those are all of the things that we need to think about from a business standpoint". They also talked about some Nintendo 3DS stuff, mainly a new Metroid side-scroller.

"The way we continue to make Nintendo 3DS vibrant as a platform is first we continue to innovate from form factor standpoint", Fils-Aime said.

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"Arms", a new intellectual property, is out this month, and this year will also see "Splatoon 2" and "Super Mario Odyssey" arrive.

The Japanese gaming giant also revealed that a Pokemon game for the Switch is now in development.

"We wanted to make it clear that Metroid is an important franchise for us". That is why the Nintendo Switch online service is taking so long, because the company is still working on it to meet its high standards. System sellers like "Mario Kart 8" and "Super Smash Bros for Wii U" came even later in the console's lifespan.

If you're not ready to give your 3DS up just yet, don't worry.

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