Super Mario Odyssey Has Hat-Based Co-op

Image Microsoft

Image Microsoft

This year the Japanese gaming giant is showing multiple titles, but its huge booth has nonetheless been transformed to celebrate its biggest game of 2017: Super Mario Odyssey.

But in co-op, while one player is controlling Mario using a Joy-Con, player two will be invincible while acting as support. "This year at E3, Nintendo is letting people play and explore this awesome game". During Nintendo's E3 Treehouse livestream, Cappy will float above Mario's head when the game is being played by two players.

This includes collecting coins and other collectibles that are totally out of reach for Mario.

Cappy is also unbeatable.

Mario's hat is a core gameplay mechanic in "Super Mario Odyssey". It basically does acts that Mario wouldn't be able to accomplish on his own.

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Without further ado, a tip of the cap as we present the four ways Super Mario Odyssey is extremely reminiscent of Super Mario Sunshine.

"That's was certainly intentional on our part", Nintendo producer Yoshiaki Koizumi said during the livestream.

Mario also has to control his camera. It reminds me a little of games where one player has all the fun and the second player does all the shit jobs.

Unlike previous exploration-based 3D Mario games - the last of which was 2010's Super Mario Galaxy 2 - you're not kicked back out to a hub world once you've solved a puzzle or completed an objective.

Super Mario Odyssey is an upcoming platformer in development at Nintendo exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Mario rushes to save the day on a hat-shaped airship called the Odyssey, setting out to explore multiple Kingdoms.

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