Subway train derails, scaring passengers and injuring dozens

Subway car derails, disrupts train service in NYC

Three Wounded After Manhattan Subway Train Derails

- Emergency crews are responding to the 125th St. Subway Station near St. Nicholas Avenue in upper Manhattan following reports of a subway vehicle derailment at or near the station.

Joe Lhota (LOH'-tuh) says there were no initial indications of equipment or track failure before two cars derailed and scraped a wall on Tuesday morning.

New York City transit officials say crews still are repairing tracks in a Manhattan subway tunnel where a train derailed Tuesday morning, injuring more than 30 people. "Some people are crying", one passenger, Benjamin Williams, wrote on Twitter before being evacuated.

The cause of the crash, which occurred around 10 a.m., was not immediately clear and officials from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the subways, were en route to the scene.

But what appears to be an attempt to improve the quality of service after decades of neglect ultimately resulted in a frightening scenario that injured almost 40 people - and many are calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to channel more resources into fixing the subway system. However, in this case, the extra equipment appeared not to have been properly bolted down.

Wednesday morning's rush-hour trains were jammed with riders after some service was rerouted due to the derailment.

Three other trains approaching the station halted in their tracks.

Two of the train's cars made it into the 125th street station, and the derailment caused damage to the tracks and disrupted service throughout the day.

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The Fire Department of NY said a handful of people were treated for minor injuries at around 10 a.m.

Lhota said investigators will determine why the emergency brake turned on.

The derailment appears to be human error and it impacted subway service on four different lines.

The governor of the State of NY, democrat Andrew Cuomo, who is in charge of the MTA, has promised to tackle the structural reasons for why delays and incidents seem to accumulate, leading to an increasing number of complaints from users.

He blamed declining federal investment in infrastructure nationwide since the 1980s: "I don't think it's mysterious after the decline we've seen over so many decades". Firefighters later confirmed that after the accident was the smoke tunnel, but the reports of open flames or fire were reported.

Emergency personnel have responded to a Manhattan subway station where passengers were reporting smoke and a loss of power.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is often at odds with Cuomo, said the subway should be a top focus of the MTA.

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