Sony fires at Xbox with arsenal of big PS4 games

While FIFA 18 players on the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC will get to play the return of the Journey mode Switch owners WON'T.

That said, it appears Sony have been outdone by their competition. His statement below seems pointing towards Sony's stern considerations towards PS4 exclusive titles.

Last month, Nielsen claimed that the Xbox One X was less desired by gamers than the Playstation 4 Pro, similar to how the vanilla Playstation 4 is more desired than the vanilla Xbox One.

The new Xbox One X console from Microsoft is capable of powering 4K gaming.

All the titles now optimised for the Xbox One X, including Forza Motorsport 7, "looked" and "played great", the site reports. And with the two consoles being clearly delineated by their colour, it should be pretty clear to explain which is best for the buyer.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Forza 7 were announced at Microsoft's E3 event, along with a host of third party titles including Bioware's Anthem and Assassin's Creed Origins.

While the Xbox One X will certainly be technologically capable of delivering virtual reality there has been no word on this feature from Microsoft. Amazon also offers discounts on Switch games. "That's a major omission in my book, leaving an open goal for the Xbox One S". 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario, being given as early examples.

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Nearly every Switch-related post we publish usually has a comment or two from disappointed consumers who really want the system but can never find them in stores.

While that does little to answer the many questions that remain regarding why the Switch didn't simply launch with Virtual Console, Fils-Aime's reassurances are more comforting when you realize that Nintendo has previously stated that they do not intend for the Switch Online game service to replace Virtual Console. Hopefully we'll have a definitive date at some point, as well as confirmation of the consoles we'll see emulated.

"Some of you just get the controller you have, and go and play your games, and so we're going to play a lot of Xbox One S's".

This is particularly true for Sony, with the PS4 Pro having been released back in November 2016.

The event also unveiled a version of the hit fantasy role-playing game "Skyrim" tailored for play on PlayStation virtual reality gear.

Independent publishers tend to make blockbuster titles available for play on Xbox, PlayStation and personal computer hardware in an effort to sell creations to as broad an audience as possible.

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