Son of former Atlanta Braves player on life support

Son of former Braves player on life support after getting hit in the face by a baseball

Teenage son of former Atlanta Braves player on life support

The son of former Atlanta Braves second baseman Keith Lockhart has been placed on life support after he was hit in the face by a baseball, according to media reports. Lockhart was attempting to cross home plate when he was hit by the ball. The ball hit Jason in the face.

Jason needed stitches and was recovering, until his nose began to bleed while at the doctor's office on Monday. The surgery will be to remove and replace the packing in his nose and make sure there are no other places where bleeding may occur. When it wouldn't stop, he was taken to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and a CT scan showed there was a tear inside his nose.

"I can't begin to tell you how strong Jason has been, and how much fright he has experienced along the way that he blew us away with his strength and focus to get through some of the scares in this process", Jason's mother said in a post on Sydney's Facebook page according to 11Alive News.

Back at school, Drust says Jason is in their prayers, and so is the catcher. The injury proved to be far more serious than originally believed, with doctors discovering a laceration of an artery.

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Unable to control the bleeding, they eventually put Jason in a "paralytic state". "We are surrounded by so many people and we are feeling the prayers".

Once Lockhart came out of surgery on Tuesday, Sydney sent out a message on Facebook saying doctors located an artery that was bleeding, and that the family is "confident" that was the area responsible for her brother's current condition. They are hopeful that this is the source of the bleeding.

She added that five surgeries in nine days "is a lot for anybody" and thanked supporters on behalf of the family. The surgery was a couple of hours long and Jason is now resting still on the ventilator to keep his vitals monitored and keep him comfortable.

Throughout the entire ordeal, the Lockharts have expressed gratitude for words of support and prayer from fans.

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