Saudi-Turkish ties strained over differing views on Qatar

Kuwait's ruler calls for Gulf Arab states to preserve regional unity

Kuwait's ruler calls for Gulf Arab states to preserve regional unity

At some point, it went as far as forging statements and attributing some of them to Washington officials, including to the US President Donald Trump.

Qatar is now locked in a tense stand-off with many of its immediate neighbours, led by Saudi Arabia, who say the small Gulf state is turning a blind eye to terrorism financiers.

A dubious news source, the URL of which is but is then curiously called US today quoted Minister Carmelo Abela as the foreign affairs minister, without naming him, as saying "the Gulf countries' decision to end ties with Qatar is not in the right direction", and that he explained that there are diplomatic processes in place to solve issues. They are also perturbed by the fact that Qatar has maintained open relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia's adversary in the region. Moving forward, the Middle East will refocus its attention on containing Iran in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

Two days after the crisis broke out, the Turkish parliament swiftly ratified a deal to deploy Turkish troops to Qatar that was signed in late 2014, in a sign of showing solid support to Doha. It exaggerated talks and repeated news to reassure its citizens that the American military base will remain in Qatar.

"The military base in Qatar is an important power projection asset for Turkey", Can Kasapoglu, a defence analyst from Turkey's EDAM, told Al Jazeera in an earlier interview.

For years Qatar has engaged in risky ploys, managed by the former emir over the phone and from a distance, safe in the knowledge that Arab governments will not dare punish his country.

When asked whether the capricious behaviour from the White House and State Department has affected Boeing's ability to make decisions, Caret told reporters Boeing was aligned with the USA government's decision on foreign military sales.

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While plausible, Turkey's one-sided support to Qatar could damage the chances of success of its mediation efforts, experts said.

Foreign Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela said the remarks attributed to him in the report, or any other remarks on the situation concerning Saudi Arabia and Qatar are "completely false".

Logoglu insisted that Turkey, as a non-Arab country, should not take sides in an inter-Arab conflict.

Qatar is accused of having links with the terrorist groups and relations with Iran, the two main reasons behind the step taken by certain Arab states to isolate the country and impose sanctions.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt named the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror group, while it is not blacklisted as such by many others, including Qatar and Turkey, as well as the United Nations.

The statement was prompted following an online report that appeared on, claiming that Saudi Arabia had cut off ties with Malta over its friendship with Qatar, Xinhua reported.

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