Russian Federation probe expands to include Kushner's business dealings

Other probes of Russia's election interference are being carried out in Congress. The committee, which is investigating Russia's meddling in the presidential election and whether any of Trump's associates had ties with the country at the time, expects Kushner to provide documents and face questions from the senators.

As the Mueller investigation grinds on, now just one month into its inquiry, the president of the United States spent Thursday having a cyber-conniption on Twitter.

The idea that this is a witch hunt, as Trump childishly tweeted this morning, is getting more and more laughable as each passing day brings about another questionable tie or secret dealing with Russian Federation taken by this president or those in his orbit. Jeannie Rhee, one of those attorneys, represented Hillary Clinton during her email scandal.

In December 2016, Kushner met with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in New York City.

Kushner has reportedly attended meetings with the head of a Russian state-owned bank. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey last month, citing the Russian Federation investigation as the reason. He continued to denounce ongoing congressional investigations into his campaign and Russian Federation, reiterated his disdain for the news media and touted what he perceived as his administration's successes.

Citing "US sources familiar with the matter", The Washington Post reported Thursday that the business dealings of additional former members of Trump's team, including his campaign's chairman, Paul Manafort, ousted security adviser Michael Flynn and ex-security adviser Carter Page, have also come under scrutiny. They have donated overwhelmingly to Democrats, totaling more than $53,000 since 1988, according to a CNN analysis of Federal Election Commission records.

Comey took notes after each of his nine meetings or phone calls with Trump, including one alone with the president in the Oval Office on February 14, the day after Flynn was forced to resign.

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Comey testified before a Senate panel last week that Trump spoke privately with him several times, including by telephone and at White House meetings.

Sekulow says the president has a social media platform that can reach 107 million people and "I don't tell him what to write or not write".

Comey told lawmakers he gave notes he had taken after that meeting and his other eight meetings or phone calls he had with Trump to Mueller.

Mueller's team has requested for information and will discuss with National Intelligence Director Dan Coates and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

Trump spoke to Coats and Rogers about the Russian Federation investigation, according to officials.

"I think he's weighing that option", he said of Trump. Coats later told lawmakers he never felt pressured to intervene. Mueller's investigation now encompasses the president's firing of Comey, the Russian government's role during the election, whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials and alleged financial crimes committed by Trump associates.

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