Russia says Trump is using 'Cold War rhetoric' on Cuba

Trump rolls back some, not all, changes in US-Cuba relations

Donald Trump tightens red tape on travel from the US to Cuba

"The new course announced by the United States president towards Cuba returns us to the already nearly forgotten rhetoric of the Cold War style", the statement reads.

The Cuban statement criticised the "hostile rhetoric that recalls the time of open confrontation", and "return to the coercive methods of the past". A total of 75 percent approve the 2015 decision to re-establish United States relations with Cuba, while 73 percent favor ending the long-standing U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, the survey revealed. In turn, Mr. Obama made it much easier for Americans to the visit the Caribbean island and for businesses to import Cuban goods. The two countries will maintain diplomatic relations, which were restored in 2015, and their embassies in Havana and Washington will remain open.

The statement added that Trump was "poorly advised" to favour the political interests of an "extremist minority" of Cuban-Americans living in Florida, who, because of "petty motivations, will not give up on their ambition of punishing Cuba and its people". "Officially, today, they are rejected".

He said Trump's policy may put US national security at risk as strategic competitors move to fill the vacuum the uncoupling could create. In practice, however, many recent changes to boost ties to Cuba will stay as they are.

Almost two years after President Barack Obama restored USA diplomatic relations with Cuba, President Donald Trump is poised to roll them back.

The lengthy statement went on to strike a conciliatory tone, saying Cuba wants to continue negotiations with the USA on a variety of subjects.

Without doubt it will impact those in tourism who have benefited from a threefold increase in USA visits in the last two years, although it remains unclear how much. We now hold the cards, ' he told a crowd in Little Havana, Miami. This will essentially shield USA airlines and cruise lines serving the island.

And he is not closing down the American embassy Obama opened in Havana - a pillar of the deal Trump claimed was so terrible for the US. Now, across the street from his statue is Tabanero Cigars, a Cuban shop, where people are buzzing over President Trump's new restrictions on the island nation.

Obama eliminated the tour requirement, allowing Americans to travel to Cuba on individual "people-to-people" trips that were in reality indistinguishable from travel to any other country in the world. And the USA government will police other trips to ensure travelers are pursuing a "full-time schedule of educational exchange activities".

The new policy says Americans will no longer be able to plan their own Cuba trip under a people-to-people exchange license.

The near-universal sentiment from the travel and hospitality industries was that Trump's decision would be bad for both United States tourists and residents of Cuba.

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Trump signed a directive on Friday outlining a tougher stance on Cuba.

"We have serious worries about the respect for and guarantees for human rights in that country", the statement said.

It is expected that the Treasury and Commerce Departments will release precise regulations within 30 days.

Eased restrictions fuelled a boom USA tourist arrivals, especially in Havana, creating demand for more bed and breakfasts, restaurants, taxis and tour guides in the fledgling private sector.

The Cuban government maintained that the new policies would not work, comparing it to the economic embargo that never ushered the Castro regime out of power as the US had hoped.

This is the third major Obama-era accomplishment that has been reversed by Trump, who first repealed his predecessor's signature healthcare law, Obamacare, and then went on to announce US's withdrawal from the landmark Paris climate deal.

"Abandoning our progress makes no sense and achieves nothing".

Although the policy changes announced were limited, Trump has tightened rules for Americans travelling to Cuba, banned ties with a military-run tourism firm and reaffirmed the existing USA trade embargo.

President Donald Trump speaks about Cuba policy, Friday, June 16, 2017, in Miami.

Castro has announced he will step aside as president in February 2018.

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