NYC subway station evacuated after smoke, loss of power

New York City subway riders evacuated from disabled train

What Andrew Cuomo conveniently left out of his MTA press release

Dozens of riders were injured in Harlem Tuesday when a subway train derailed and careened into a wall, authorities said. It was not immediately clear why the brakes were activated.

It opened in 2009, replacing an outmoded station that had room for only the first half of a 10-car subway train.

All of the cutomers were evacuated from the train and no major injuries were reported.

Cox said smoke started coming in from one end of the auto.

Passengers interviewed by local TV stations described the train vibrating wildly and bucking as it went off the rails.

"I was the second vehicle from the end".

"People were going insane and it was very chaotic and traumatizing", said subway rider Jazmil Genao.

'There was a crash and the subway literally broke.

After the emergency break was triggered, cars on a Brooklyn-bound A train dislodged from the tracks and hit a wall near the 125th St. station around 9:45am, said MTA officials.

He added that the fire and smoke conditions were caused by trash on the tracks ignited by sparks from the derailment.

Williams said one woman walked out of the station with soot all over her hands. It said there was smoke, but no fire.

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"Smoke and dust filled the air and there was a small panic", Ben MacKrell writes on Twitter.

Photos posted to social media show passengers walking along the tracks in a dark subway tunnel, using their phone flashlights as a guide.

Politicians and activists were in an uproar over the incident. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) said, pointing to underfunding as a crippling component.

We've got you covered with real-time updates right here. "Without a functioning transit system the city is paralyzed".

City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, chairman of the Transportation Committee, called for a line-by-line audit of the MTA budget.

"This is a breaking point".

Three other trains were in the tunnel at the time of the derailment, he said.

The MTA's Long Island Railroad is also having trouble. "What will it take for the governor to stop making excuses and start funding public transit?"

The MTA confirmed the accident, tweeting: 'Service disruptions on ABCD trains due to power failure & derailment.

The MTA suggests the 1 train as an alternative to the A/C/E and B/D/F/M between 168th Street and 59th Street-Columbus Circle this evening, though you can expect "heavy ridership and crowding" there, too.

There is no A Subway train service between Jay St-MetroTech and 207 St in both directions. Finally, there is no M service between Essex Street and 71st Av-Forest Hills.

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