Michael Phelps to swim in a race against a shark

Michael Phelps is apparently tired of racing humans decided to take on a shark instead

Michael Phelps is apparently tired of racing humans decided to take on a shark instead

"23 Olympic golds", Discovery Channel said in a press release. "Be in a cage and dive with great white sharks!".

For the past four Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps has done nothing but mercilessly own all competition, claiming 23 gold medals and dominating every swim stroke this side of mankind.

The rather vaguely worded announcement says Phelps will take on "An event so monumental no one has ever attempted it before". Mister "39 World Records" gets his name right there in the title, but I'm just called "Shark". No word has been released on what stroke the swimmer will use in his battle against the shark.

"Shark Week" programming will air on Discovery from July 23 to July 30 as the annual event celebrates its 29th anniversary.

Chances are, the Phelps race will fit into the former category - if either.

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Will it be Phelps v Shark in a pool?

Specific details about the race, including what style or technique of swimming Phelps will employ to try and beat the great white shark or where the race will be held, remain as questions. Entering its 29th season, Shark Week has tapped Phelps to appear both on the opening evening of July 23rd and the closing night of July 30th. Like, I presume there's no way Phelps can die?

Still, that will not likely be enough to take on sharks, which can swim about 10 times faster than humans.

Since Phelps was once clocked by ESPN swimming at 6 miles per hour, the human actually might have a shot.

The facts make it look like Phelps is destined to get slaughtered during the race (metaphorically), but we're sure Discovery has something up their sleeve to keep things competitive.

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