London fire: Death toll rises to 58

Protesters try to storm Kensington and Chelsea town hall

Protesters try to storm Kensington and Chelsea town hall

"There are 58 people who we have been told were in Grenfell Tower on the night that are missing and therefore, sadly, I have to assume that they are dead".

Mrs May, who has since ordered more boots on the ground at the scene, is said to have "welled up" after hearing harrowing accounts from people caught up in the fire. She said, in an unprecedented statement, that she had been "profoundly struck by the immediate inclination of people throughout the country to offer comfort and support to those in desperate need".

The 23-year-old is the only victim of the Grenfell Tower fire to be officially named so far as the hard process of identifying human remains continues.

"It has been decided today that the public inquiry will report back to me personally".

Ms May, who was criticised a day earlier for not meeting with locals and survivors, visited the area again on Friday to meet with some locals inside a church.

The identification of the victims is proving very hard - which experts attribute to the extreme heat of the fire.

Smoke was still wafting out of the blackened shell of the Grenfell Tower on Thursday where specialist firefighters and dog search teams faced hazardous conditions as they scoured the wreck, with external cladding still falling from the building.

They demanded justice for the victims and claimed Wednesday's fatal blaze was due to negligence, with many citing the new cladding put on the 1974 concrete tower.

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Cundy stopped short of suggesting what crimes exactly they were looking into, but he did assert that there was "nothing to suggest the fire was started deliberately".

Around 70 people are missing, according to Britain's Press Association, and identification of the victims is proving very hard.

British Prime Minister Theresa May visited the injured in hospital on Friday but is herself under mounting criticism for not meeting victims of the blaze sooner.

Local anger began building Wednesday as the 24-story residential Grenfell Tower block caught fire and was consumed by flames in a matter of minutes.

The tragedy has provoked a enormous response from nearby communities that have donated food and shelter to the victims. More than three million pounds ($3.8m) have been raised for the affected families.

Numerous displaced are living in churches and community centers. The former housing minister promised a review of building regulations covering fire safety, but was never published.

"Contractor says that he met all the fire safety standards but the questions are going to be, which kind of siding was used and what were the risks?"

"The work to search the building is challenging, but naturally, could never be done quickly enough for those now having to live with the uncertainty of knowing where their loved ones are", she added.

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