Justin Bieber's music called 'Chlamydia of the ear' by Hanson brothers

Authority'90s one-hit wonders Hanson clearly think they are musically superior to Justin Bieber comparing his music to'chlamydia of the ear in an Australian radio interview

Hanson Slam Justin Bieber's Music As 'Chlamydia Of The Ear'

In an interview with Australian radio station Hit 107 FM, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson went as far as to compare the Spanish-speaking track - and the rest of Bieber's catalog - to a "venereal disease". And that's why Hanson's recent remarks on the musical stylings of Justin Bieber are such a goddamn bummer.

"Can I just say I'm glad I didn't know what that was", another added. It's just, ear infections. Which isn't surprising being as they have such strong feelings against one of pop's biggest hit-makers, who now appears on two of the top three songs one the Billboard charts. The radio hosts had their guests play a game of "Whose Song Is It Anyway", and none of the Hanson brothers recognized Bieber's latest hit, "Despacito", with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee.

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As for Justin Bieber, well, he's still one of the biggest musicians on the planet at the moment. They've kind of earned the right to be a bit snobbish, since they did put out a massively popular song a very long time ago, but everybody should make a point to avoid getting on Hanson's bad side because those boys can be vicious.

Chlamydia of the ear. Really driving the point home, another brother piped up to describe the song as "chlamydia of the ear".

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