It's Time for Term Limits for Congressional Party Leaders - Including Nancy Pelosi

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It's Time for Term Limits for Congressional Party Leaders - Including Nancy Pelosi

It is not all Republicans backing Don Bacon's successful campaign used to knock-off Ashford, who campaigned as an independent with a bipartisan voting record in Congress.

The negative buzz became particularly loud after the party's biggest special-election hope, Georgia's Jon Ossoff, suffered a disappointing loss, in the wake of Republicans running many millions of dollars of ads linking the candidate to Pelosi.

But Handel won a relatively easy victory in the runoff, beating Ossoff by 52-48 percent and a final margin of almost 10,000 votes. Since Pelosi got into Democratic leadership in 2002, she has raised nearly $568 million for the party and its candidates - including $141.5 million in the last election alone, according to figures provided by her office. It launched similar attacks against the Democrat in the special election for Montana's at-large district, which Republicans also won. Yet, this is all okay because Pelosi could be the gift that keeps on giving and if that's the case-we want her to be the House leader for the Democrats for many years to come.

Soon, Democrats will have to decide whether they think they'd do better in next year's midterms by moving to the center or to the left - essentially, by winning converts or punishing heretics.

"If you watch the first debate, that's how I counterpunched - that her campaign was being bailed out by Washington super PACs", Ossoff added to the Post.

The victor of the most expensive House race ever as well as a South Carolina Republican who claimed a narrower-than-expected victory are now members of Congress.

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Nancy Pelosi is still their party's prom queen.

Trump administration officials and Republican leaders in Congress are working separately to agree on a tax bill that can be unveiled in September.

Joe can be heard Tuesday's at 7:10 a.m. on KLIN radio with Jack Mitchell.

So if the Democrats demote Pelosi and elevate someone else to be the face of the Democrats, the GOP will continue to demonize Democratic candidates in other ways. "But I feel very confident in the support I have in my caucus". Pelosi is 77. Democratic House Whip Steny Hoyer from Maryland is 78, while assistant Democratic leader James Clyburn turns 77 next month.

Also in February, unsuccessful presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was the first choice of Democrats to run against Trump in 2020, with Hillary Clinton in second.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 31% of Likely Democratic Voters believe the current national leadership of their party is representative of most Democrats. "If they think that just simply saying 'Nancy Pelosi, ' extreme progressives in San Francisco and New York City are going to somehow win over these rust belt voters that they've lost, they have a very, very sad next four years coming up for them". One of the final crucial days of the race was spent on coverage of white powder sent to Handel's home, with a threatening message - the origin of which has not yet been determined. These interests, along with Republican corporate allegiances, preclude the kind of change that workers, low-income people, immigrants and communities of color urgently need. More than 4 in 10 voters (43 percent) predicted Republicans would retain control. The video encouraged people to vote Republican and "say no to Pelosi's yes man".

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