Iraqi PM Abadi heads to Saudi Arabia at start of MidEast tour

U.S. F-15 Jet Fighter takes off in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield in an undated

U.S. F-15 Jet Fighter takes off in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield in an undated

"It is unfortunate that our neighbours have chosen to invest their time and resources in a baseless propaganda campaign", he said, calling the terrorism accusations a "publicity stunt". The UAE minister accused the nation of "supporting jihadists" and insisted that to broker peace, Qatar must end its support "to extremist Islamists".

"Qatar's actions have been deeply detrimental to the cause of Middle East peace", wrote Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, the Fellowship's president and founder, in an open letter to Mr. Trump.

The decision last week by Gulf Arab states to sever ties and halt trade with the tiny, hydrocarbon-rich country of Qatar has focused attention on what critics call Qatar's funding of Islamist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

He said the directives issued by Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain to address the humanitarian needs of families with joint nationalities appeared to be inadequate, and his office had received reports of specific individuals being ordered to return home or to leave the country they are residing in. The three Gulf states and Egypt blocked access to Qatar's Al-Jazeera satellite news channel and other Qatari news websites.

Turkey is intensifying its diplomatic efforts to mediate the crisis between Qatar and several Arab countries, but experts say the results could be limited due to its one-sided pro-Doha stance.

The group has held their first training at Tariq bin Ziyad military base on Sunday, the Qatari Defense Ministry said according to Al Jazeera and the Gulf Times. Two days after the sanctions were imposed, its parliament fast-tracked legislation to allow more troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar that already houses about 90 Turkish soldiers under an agreement signed in 2014. The pair are now heading back to Turkey.

Bank of England tries surrogate rate hike
The Bank's Financial Policy Committee (FPC) suggested lenders had become complacent about their lending. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said:"There are pockets of risk that warrant extra vigilance".

"Turkey will continue and we will develop our ties with Qatar, as with all our friends who have supported us in the most hard moments", he added in reference to last year's failed coup.

Those business relationships now seem to be playing out in Trump's newly-hostile foreign policy towards Qatar in their feud with Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Last week, Qatar's foreign minister said the country was not prepared to reverse its foreign policy.

"We have intelligence that Saudi Arabia is actively engaged in promoting terrorist groups operating on the eastern side of Iran in Baluchistan", Zarif said.

The crisis has put Turkey in a delicate position as Ankara regards Qatar as its chief ally in the Gulf but is also keen to maintain its improving relations with the key regional power Saudi Arabia. "There was shooting by Saudi border guards. and one Iranian fisherman was killed", the semi-official agency quoted an Interior Ministry official as saying.

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