Iran vows measures against new US sanctions

Iran on Friday condemned new sanctions adopted by the US Senate and vowed to respond with "reciprocal and adequate measures".

The Senate this week approved legislation to impose new sanctions on Iran over its ballistic missile program and other activities that US legislators say are not related to the nuclear agreement.

Ghasemi affirmed that approval of new non-nuclear sanctions in the Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committee, bearing in mind the history of the body, was not unexpected.

Administrations are not authorized to shun their legal responsibilities by resorting to their internal regulations, the Iranian spokesman said.

Iran's defensive missile program is legitimate, in full conformity with the United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231, and no move can deprive Iran from its legitimate rights, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said.

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"The Islamic Republic of Iran, is meticulously watching and examining the articles and the text of this Act, its approval procedure in the USA congress, and its eminent signing by the U.S. president", asserted Ghasemi, "and the committee to supervise the implementation of the JCPOA will devise the fit counter-measures to secure the national interests of Iran".

The sanctions come following two sets of sanctions imposed in February and May by the US Treasury Department over Iran's missile program.

The IRGC Quds Base, operating in Iran's southeastern regions, said an armed clash between the security forces and Takfiri terrorists began near Qasr-e Qand county at midday Thursday.

Ghassemi retorted that the measure against Iran's ballistic missile programme was "totally illegal and illegitimate".

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