Indiana Pacers' Paul George wants out, rumored to sign with the Lakers

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But if the constant rumors are any indication, George has had his eyes set on Los Angeles for a long time.

Paul George has reportedly informed the Indianapolis Pacers that he will be opting out of his contract next summer and leaving the organization to sign elsewhere, with the Lakers as his preferred destination. This has put IN in a rough situation where they have to try and deal George with the entire National Basketball Association knowing where he will be out of town when he hits free agency IN 2018.

Peep the the Internet reactions, and conspiracy theories, below and on the following pages.

He did not ask management for a trade, but Wojnarowski says striking up a deal during the 2017-18 season would make the most sense for the Pacers, otherwise the team risks losing their biggest star for nothing.

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Sekulow did not provide much evidence for that statement, which he repeated as he made the rounds on Sunday talk shows. Later, however, in an interview on " Fox News Sunday ", Sekulow conceded that he could not be sure of his statement.

The Pacers are now gearing up for the NBA Draft on June 22.

If George hits free agency, he will be eligible to sign a four-year, $130 million contract.

This report would seem to follow naturally on the heels of George being denied All-NBA recognition following the 2016-2017 season, and therefore precluding IN from offering him the $200 million Designated Player Extension.

If the Pacers keep George and let him go next offseason, they wouldn't receive anything back for him. With George reportedly telling the Pacers that he would be departing from IN and likely joining his hometown Los Angeles Lakers for the 2018-19 year, the Pacers are essentially dealing a player who has determined where and when he will sign. "I'm here. I'm a Pacer", George said (via The Lakers already have a young core of players who will benefit from having a veteran who can score the ball at a high-level like George. After the trade deadline in February, it seemed quite likely that a team like the Celtics or the Lakers would cash in a few young assets to get George on their roster as quickly as possible. That's the primary reason why trading for George should be done sooner rather than later.

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