Gulf Crisis: AU urges speedy resolution through dialogue

It said alternative sources for construction materials had been secured.

Qatar's Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday the signing of a deal with the United States to buy 36 F-15 fighter jets for $12 billion. Boeing, the prime contractor on the sale, declined to comment.

"Turkey has become very helpful to us to this end". But Qatar can and should reduce its coziness with Tehran, seen most recently in a massive ransom it paid to release Qatari royals kidnapped in Iraq and a meeting between its Foreign Minister and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps chief Qassem Soleimani.

A European diplomat in the Gulf said the timing of the deal appeared coincidental. "ESCO is ready to help meet Qatar's needs for construction steel including heavy sections if the [diplomatic] crisis continues", he was quoted as saying by S&P Global Platts. Their action risks complicating the conduct of USA military air operations in the region coordinated from the Al-Udeid Air Force Base, and undercuts a longstanding US goal of increased unity among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.

Qatar is an important base for the USA military carrying out operations against Islamic State militants and other groups in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and beyond. Despite its tiny size, Qatar is the largest producer of natural gas in the Middle East; it is wealthy and has friends.

Recent actions by Turkey have dimmed the prospect of a military occupation of Qatar, Ahmad al-Raysuni, vice-president of the Doha-based International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS), said.

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On Friday, the Turkish foreign minister arrived in Saudi Arabia for talks with King Salman. Prior to escalating tensions, such a deal not only behooved American business and industrial incentives, but also made sense from a force projection standpoint considering the location of US Central Command within Qatar's borders.

"While current operations from Al Udeid Air Base have not been interrupted or curtailed, the evolving situation is hindering our ability to plan for longer-term military operations", said Capt. Davis, the Pentagon spokesman who had earlier said there was no problem. Just one hour before Trump lambasted Qatar on June 9, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called for the Saudi-led bloc to ease the blockade and bring the standoff to an end.

"The Chairperson calls for the urgent resolution of the dispute through dialogue and in this regard calls for a mediated and peaceful solution, including through the efforts of the Government of Kuwait, " the statement concluded. Asked about one of the men at a press conference in Paris on Monday, Qatari foreign minister Mohammed Al Thani confirmed the steps taken.

"The mixed messages the administration is sending on many national security issues is baffling", Sen.

A senior port official also said some 180 tonnes of fruit and vegetables were flown to Qatar, which was the first consignment sent from the Lengeh port in Hormozgan province.

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