Football matches can reduce up to 60 minutes of pure time

New Football Proposals Could See Some Enormous Rule Changes Come Into Effect

Radical Shake Up of Football's Laws Could Permit Players to Dribble With the Ball From Free Kicks

Instead, there could be two periods of 30 minutes with the clock stopped whenever the ball goes out of play.

The Times reports that the changes are part of a document produced by former Premier League referee David Elleray, the technical director of IFAB, in order to increase the amount of time the ball is in play and to improve the behaviour of players and coaches. It features in a five-year strategy document of talking points and proposals with three goals - to increase respect, playing time and attractiveness of the game.

IFAB said some of the proposals could be implemented immediately and require no law changes, while some are "ready for testing/experiments" and some are "for discussion".

It's also suggested that referees should stop their watch after a penalty is awarded or a goal is scored until the match resumes and from the signal of a team wanting to make a substitution to play restarting.

Some of the radical proposals suggested by the IFAB include allowing players to dribble with the ball directly from a corner or free-kick, seeing penalty goals awarded when an outfield player deliberately stops a goal-bound shot with his hands, and awarding penalties for pass-backs.

The document stresses that match officials should be stricter on the time-wasting rule that allows the goalkeeper to hold onto the ball for six seconds.

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Two of the biggest changes proposed by the IFAB over the weekend include the length of an actual match being reduced from 90 to 60 minutes. "To discourage them further, if an attacking player enters the penalty area before the penalty kick is taken the kick is "missed"; if a defending player does the same and the kick is missed/saved it is retaken".

On Saturday, there were just 47 minutes of actual playing time in Russia's 2-0 win over New Zealand to open the Confederations Cup, according to Federation Internationale de Football Association.

Another proposal which was tested at the U20 World Cup in Korea is a change to the order of penalty kicks in shootouts, known as ABBA.

IFAB consists of members of FIFA, as well as four British home football associations and is responsible for making the final decision on law changes.

The IFAB are also looking at the possibility of giving penalties for goalkeepers handling backpasses, an offence which now incurs an indirect free-kick inside the box, and awarding "penalty goals" for handballs on the line.

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