European Union roaming charges are officially dead, though some loopholes remain

Today, June 15th: EU roaming charges now officially dropped

Minister Denis Naughten says new roaming deal "will be transparent"

From Thursday, mobile phone customers in the European Union (EU) will no longer have to pay roaming charges for using their phones when travelling to another EU country.

The EU has now abolished these charges saying that customers must now be charged the same for using their mobile as they would in their home country, according to their phone contract.

Roaming charges can be extortionate and mean you spend a lot of money while you're away on business or on holiday, but that's now all about to end.

Alex Neill, Which? managing director of Home Products and Services, said: "Many will reap the benefits of these changes and will no longer be put off from making calls overseas". However, there are still a couple of areas where surprise bills could pop up. A limit of four months per year has been included, so if you are overseas longer than that per year, you can expect to be either notified by your provider or forced to pay extra.

Calls, data and texts are all free.

"Unless you're going somewhere a little bit more unusual like Iceland or Switzerland, or places that aren't in the European Union itself but are in the single market, then it'll be a bit different, and that applies to Turkey as well".

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European roaming fees, finally, are no more.

Uswitch spokesman Ernest Doku said the challenge for providers who want to steal a march will be in their ability to remain flexible in handling any changes resulting from Brexit, and how quickly they can broker deals in other countries ahead of the rest.

First off, it warns that the new "Roam like Home" legislation only applies to roaming, not to calling European Union countries from the UK. On a similar note, networks trying to stop the new law from passing warned they might have to increase local prices to compensate for the reduced earnings. This means mobile roaming on your device will be free, well, nearly because you could up paying huge sums if you don't mind some of the exceptions in this ruling.

You should continue to keep a close eye on your contract allowances and if you're on Pay As You Go it's worth making sure you're still topped up. The new law may not be all good for all consumers; it is possible that non-roamers will end up subsidising the more expensive needs of roamers, as the networks respond to the lost roaming revenue.

Do the changes include people on pay-as-you-go deals? You can see the full list of destinations covered by Three here.

Can you call your friends or family while you're on holiday together?

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