Details released on Nintendo World at Universal Studios in Orlando

Image Microsoft

Image Microsoft

E3 attendees were among the first group to get to play and explore upcoming games like Super Mario Odyssey and Splatoon 2, both for Nintendo Switch.

The player in control of Cappy is also invincible, so there's no need to worry about dying or messing up while you're in control of the magical cap. Also, Cappy is unreceptive to damages, making it apt for less experienced players, notes The Verge. Mario will control its running, jumping, and camera but, will not be able to control Cappy in co-op mode. However, during the event, Nintendo did drop a hint that Mario could control Cappy in some way, but how, it was not revealed in the demo.

In Super Mario Odyssey, gamers will be able to toss Mario's ironic red hat to collect coins, attack enemies and even toggle interactive items. Cappy is a whole different ball game though. "While I do love that feature, I'm not sure it will work well in a fully 3D platformer where camera control is tricky", the expert said. The second player will control a new character named Cappy, that looks a lot like a floating hat. Various retailers have made the game available for pre-orders.

George Clooney and wife Amal welcome twins, Ella and Alexander
Nick called Amal "super woman" after she arranged the video chat soon after giving birth to the twins. Heaping further praise on his daughter-in-law, 39, Clooney senior added: "She is just fantastic ".

A demonstration of the co-op mode for Super Mario Odyssey was done at the E3 2017 today.

Within he talks about the story, which sees Princess Peach kidnapped by Bowser but, this time, he's planning a wedding. In a lot of ways, Super Mario Odyssey is reminiscent of this past title, which is just fine as Sunshine is the ideal game to draw inspiration from for the Switch's first Mario title.

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