Cosby jury asks to rehear hours of testimony

Bill Cosby gives a thumbs up as he arrives at his sexual assault trial for another day of jury deliberations at the Montgomery County Courthouse Wednesday

Cosby jury hunkers down for 3rd day in sex assault case

"You are doing an incredible job, showing fidelity to your oath".

Sequestered, they are now entering their third day of deliberations.

Jurors continued their work a day after telling the judge they were unable to reach agreement on a unanimous verdict.

The jurors have asked the judge to reread Cosby's decade-old comments about his relationship with Constand and have revisited the testimony of a Canadian officer who took the initial police report from Constand in 2005. The judge complied each time and jurors returned to their deliberations.

The media presence has ballooned as the verdict seems near. "I wanted to to what I would have wanted to receive".

But if Cosby is convicted, even on one count, Montgomery County prosecutors will probably petition for his $1 million bail to be overturned and that he be detained into custody immediately.

For more on Cosby, including trial updates, historical photos, videos and an audio series exploring the case, visit The charges were lodged against Cosby on December 30, 2015, before the 12-year statute of limitations to file charges expired. Cosby, 79, says the sexual contact was consensual. The defense teased the idea of calling Cosby to the stand, but chose not to in the end. His wife of 53 years, Camille, was not with him as she was on Monday, her first appearance since the trial began June 5.

Though dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual misconduct, only Constand's accusations led to criminal charges.

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Mr. Cosby told police that he never told Ms. Constand or her family what the pills really were, despite the fact they requested the name of the medication later on.

The defence argues that Cosby and Constand were lovers sharing a consensual sexual encounter.

The panel chose to stop Wednesday night after revisiting a police interview where the comedian acknowledged giving accuser Andrea Constand pills and fondling her. Between the former Montgomery County district attorney's 2005 decision not to charge Cosby and other factors, the grounds for appeal could increase with a hung jury.

Prosecutors have tried to portray Cosby as a serial predator, calling a second woman, Kelly Johnson, to testify that he sexually assaulted her in 1996 and showing jurors his deposition testimony in which he admitted giving young women sedatives in the 1970s.

Pulliam, 38, was one of the first celebrities to publicly support Cosby at his sex assault trial, showign up to court with "America's Dad" last week for opening arguments.

Cosby's calls because they concerned the women's basketball team of Temple University, where he was a member of the board of trustees and she was the director of team operations.

Cosby also told investigators he gave Constand Benadryl on the night in question, "One whole and then one broke in half".

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