Colorado Considers Smartphone Sales Age Limit

Ballot language approved for age limits on smartphone sales

Proposed ballot measure would set age limits on smartphone sales

If a Colorado dad gets his way, kids with smartphones may have to BRB and TTYL.

After buying his two children, ages 11 and 13, smartphones previous year, one father, Tim Farnum, is now flipping the script and attempting to ban pre-teens from using smartphones, as first reported by the Washington Post.

"I don't think it's the most effective way to deal with a real problem that our children spend too much time on the computer or too much time looking down at their phones", Kefalas said.

"Eventually kids are going to get phones and join the world, and I think we all know that, but little children, there's just no good that comes from that", Dr. Tim Farnum, who is leading the movement, told The Coloradoan on Saturday. The group was originally formed by concerned parents who wanted to find a legal way to ban retailers from selling smartphones to young children.

The announcement is seen as a way to begin the conversation here and throughout the nation whether to put the powerful tool in the hands of kids below 13 years of age or not.

The measure would also require sellers of smartphones to provide proof to the state government that they have asked buyers if the phone is for anyone under 13. "Ultimately, this comes down to parents [.] making sure their kids are not putting themselves at risk", said Democratic state Senator John Kefalas of Fort Collins, Colorado.

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"Parents, who know their kids best, may have good reasons to provide their child a phone", said Uhls, giving one example: "Low income families or single parents may need the phones to connect with their child - some of whom need to take public transportation to school or can't be supervised in the same manner as parents with more means". Under the proposed law, monthly reports would have to be submitted by retailers to the Colorado Department of Revenue to make sure the ban is being adhered to.

Indeed, prolonged cellphone use is not recommended-the American Academy of Pediatrics last fall updated its guidance on media use among children. Cellphone providers who fail to ID potential buyers or who sell a smartphone to a preteen would then be hit with a violation warning, followed by a $500 penalty that would then double for each additional violation.

How much screen time is too much?

For children younger than 18 months, avoid the use of screen media other than video chatting.

For children between 2 and 5 years old: Limit screen time to 1 hour a day of "high quality" programs.

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