Candidates in tight Georgia race make final bid for votes

Conservative PAC links Jon Ossoff to Scalise shooting in attack ad

Georgia Special Election Between Handel and Ossoff Too Close to Call, Poll Suggests

"My opponent doesn't live here [and] doesn't share our values".

Democrats are counting on an Ossoff victory to send a message to Trump, to Washington and the national electorate at large. "Most of them told me today they have never been to Georgia's 6th district, don't know anyone who lives there, but they feel a sense of responsibility to do their part to help Jon". Trump barely won this well-educated, affluent district in November, despite previous Republican nominees here eclipsing 60 percent. "In order to win the House back we have to win in districts that are gerrymandered for Republicans, so [special elections like this one are] laboratories for us to figure out what's the best way to mobilize this vote", said Democratic National Committee Associate Chair Jaime Harrison, conceding that a loss in Georgia would expose the reality that the party has not yet reached the point of being fully prepared to take back the House. But Handel is running against some big obstacles as well.

The upscale, well-educated suburban Atlanta district was once solidly Republican, but Trump barely won it last fall.

Ossoff says he would oppose the House Republican health care bill because it punishes many working-class households that gained coverage under the Affordable Care Act and would "gut" consumer protections for individuals with previous maladies in their medical history.

"What I know is that the Senate will have transparency as they go forward", she told ThinkProgress.

Handel has received $340,000 from within Georgia, $16,200 from California and $8,400 from NY donors. Ossoff calls the shooting a "national tragedy" that should not be politicized. "I guess Ossoff probably has enough to win, but it really bothers me", said Harry Baker, 25, who plans to vote for Handel on Tuesday.

Last week, on a baseball field in Alexandria, Va., a madman took aim at Republican members of Congress, their staff, even their children, all there that morning practicing for a bipartisan charity tournament the following day.

Handel's attacks are fair.

Handel and Ossoff insist their matchup - recognized as the most expensive House race in USA history because of money from outside the district - is not about or the dynamics on Capitol Hill.

One advocacy group, the nonpartisan Issue One, estimates that as much as $59.6 million has been poured into the race since it began earlier this year. She and outside groups supporting her campaign have instead tried to link Ossoff to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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Republican candidate Karen Handel talks to supporters in Marietta, Georgia.

The super PAC apparently wasn't the only one to try to make such a connection. Handel, in particular, received letters with a white, powdery substance. The majority of the funds are being spent of television ads, though millions are also being going to ground game efforts.

The DCCC has contributed over $6 million - including nearly $5 million on Atlanta TV, radio and digital advertising - against Handel. It shouldn't even have been close.

You've heard the expression hard cases make bad law?

Both Mr Ossoff and a spokeswoman for Ms Handel condemned the spot, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Still, we can glean something from the way the race played out.

The safe money is on Handel. In the year leading up to the 2016 election for the seat, Price raised $2.3 million before easily defeating the Democratic candidate with 61.8 percent of the vote.

According to the Ossoff campaign, their average contribution is less than $50, with two-thirds of donations coming in at amounts less than $200. But at least Handel can claim the 6th as her home district.

The choice for voters in Georgia is clear: If you like what you're seeing in Washington - the secrecy and the deceptive politics that are corroding the very foundations of our democracy - Karen Handel deserves your vote.

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