Can People See Your Instagram Archive? Rest Easy, Instagrammers

To archive a post users have to tap the three dots button in the top right-hand corner. An option to archive an image will then appear. Clicking'Show on Profile restores the image

Instagram Will Now Let You Take Down Your Posts Without Deleting Them

Back in May, it was reported that Instagram was testing a new feature in the form of archiving. With Archive feature, you as an Instagram user would be able to hide/unhide pictures from your followers and move it to private space/folder called "Archived Posts".

Or, maybe you just want to take a total break from social media and archive all your photos for a bit. In order to do so, they just have to tap on the menu option on a pic and they will see an Archive option. This format will only be visible to you. It won't remove them from the service (and will retain all likes and comments), but only you will be able to access them.

Now, with Archive, you should have more flexibility and control over your profile.

Instagram previously announced its Archive feature last month, but it's making the feature available today with the Instagram 10.21 update (available for both iOS and Android). Well, Instagram has finally introduced a simple solution for us all: Archive. Well, first of all go to the picture you want to hide.

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Thanks to the latest Instagram update, you'll now be able to hide your less-than-flattering selfies without truly forgetting how bad they were.

"How to use the new Archive feature: Simply tap "..." at the top of the post you have already shared, and choose "Archive". If you do, you need only tap the "show on profile" option, where the snap will immediately return to its original spot on your profile. All your archived posts are accessible from your profile page by tapping the "clock" icon at the top.

RIP, post-and-delete - you will not be missed.

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