British PM Theresa May to form government after party weakened by election

DUP leader Arlene Foster with DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds Emma Little Pengelly DUP south Belfast candidate and Gavin Robinson DUP east Belfast candidate on June 9

British PM Theresa May to form government after party weakened by election

May had campaigned personally. "I just don't see how she can continue in any long-term way". The Conservative Party is the biggest minority with 318 seats.

The final result was announced nearly 24 hours after polls closed.

"Where UKIP was strongest in 2015 - and where consequently their vote fell most this time around - there was a small net swing to the Conservatives, whereas where UKIP were previously weakest there was a 7% swing to Labour".

Both those who hoped for and those who feared socialism in action quickly discovered the limits of what a minority Labour government could achieve in practice.

She said the government would start Brexit negotiations with the European Union as scheduled in 10 days' time.

After a brief meeting with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, May said Friday the new government will guide Britain's exit talks from the European Union, which are set to begin in just 10 days.

Results so far suggest that May's party could struggle to retain its overall majority in Parliament.

"The country needs a period of stability and whatever the results are the Conservative Party will ensure we fulfil our duty in ensuring that stability so that we can all, as one country, go forward together", she said. The DUP won 10 seats. The party's opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage places it at odds with modernizing Conservatives.

The Scottish National Party of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, which has dominated politics north of the border for a decade and called for a new independence vote after Brexit, lost 21 of the 56 seats it won in 2015.

Former Treasury chief George Osborne - who was sacked by May past year - called her a "dead woman walking", and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was ready to contest another election at any time.

But British voters, it is now clear, weren't fooled.

"She might start off doing that but the Conservatives might well replace her mid-stream", he said.

In the Conservative Party, recriminations were immediate and stinging. "I wouldn't necessarily say it's at the top".

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Damian Green, a lawmaker in the pro-EU wing of the party, was promoted to first secretary of state - effectively deputy prime minister.

"Honestly, it feels nearly like she is nearly not aware of what has happened in the last 24 hours", Conservative lawmaker Heidi Allen told LBC radio.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has ruled out forming a coalition government if there is a hung parliament after today's general election.

Mr Corbyn later told the BBC it was it was "pretty clear who has won this election". A buoyant Corbyn piled on pressure for May to resign, saying people have had enough of austerity politics and cuts in public spending.

To stay in power, the Conservatives are seeking support from Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party. Written off by many pollsters, Labour surged in the final weeks of the campaign. The Labour also threw in an intention to abolish tuition fees for British universities.

"The young have a bad deal", said Ben Page, chief executive of pollster Ipsos MORI. While he was demonized by conservative newspapers, on Facebook Corbyn was trending.

"I don't think throwing us into a leadership battle at this moment in time, when we are about to launch into these hard negotiations, would be in the best interests of the country", Evans said.

However, she struggled to gain positive traction in the polls after performing poorly in interviews and refusing to participate in televised debates with the other party's leaders. May and her cabinet emerge from this election humiliated and seriously weakened. She was criticized for a lackluster campaigning style and for a plan to force elderly people to pay more for their care, a proposal her opponents dubbed the "dementia tax".

That move helped him in the wake of the recent major terrorist attacks in Manchester and London. They sent a wave of anxiety through Britain and forced May to defend the government's record on fighting terrorism.

Given the seven Sinn Fein MPs are unlikely to take their seats, such an alliance would enjoy a slightly larger working majority but short of that which Mrs May enjoyed before the election.

Much uncertainty remains, but there are a number of takeways for Britain and beyond so far.

For the third time in two years, the British electorate has defied expectations.

"We're in another mess again, and probably we're going to have to have another election, and it's all such a waste of time at the end of the day", said 85-year-old Londoner Patricia Nastri.

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