Boston visitors attacked in New Orleans attack; 1 hospitalized

New Orleans police: Brothers' argument ends in shooting

Police Searching for 4 Suspects in Brutal Tourist Robbery in New Orleans' French Quarter

Police are trying to identify the four people who brutally attacked the pair as they were walking in the French Quarter Saturday night during a robbery, leaving one victim in critical condition at a local hospital. According to CBS affiliate WWLTV, the video shows the victims walking back to their hotel on Bienville Street about 9 p.m. when two men rush up behind them and launch a quick, aggressive attack that ended with one victim face-down on the sidewalk, motionless and gasping for air.

Surveillance cameras catch four men as they attack and rob two tourists The four suspects can be seen punching and knocking the victims to the ground and taking their belongings before they run away.

He suffered a fractured nose and had stitches in his face, the relative said.

Paul was arrested on a second-degree robbery charge.

Harrison said police plan to release still images of the suspects, and possibly more video footage. Police said they were there in about two minutes.

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Once Curran and Byrne are immobilized, two additional men run over and proceed to rummage through Curran and Byrnes' pockets, robbing them of their cell phones and wallets.

Seconds later, one of the robbers runs back into frame and briefly lifts Byrne off the sidewalk by the back of his shirt, revealing what appears to be a large pool of blood, before dropping him back on the sidewalk and running away. Authorities say Paul is the one seen in the video hitting one victim on the back of the head with enough force to knock him to the ground.

Harrison said there were 50 officers on patrol in the 8th District when the mugging happened.

"We don't think this is a greater pattern of incidents that are occurring in the French Quarter, but this is a pretty bad attack", Gernon said.

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